Our Services
  • Infrasturctural Development
  • Development of Commercial and Residential Scheme
  • Development and Rehablitation
  • Preparation and Implementation
  • Environmental Development

  • Infrasturctural Development of Ujjain Region like construction of  Parking Places, Development of Commercial and Residential Scheme.
  • Basic amenity development like Community Centers, Parks, Ring Roads, Development and Rehablitation of Kachchi Basties etc. .
  • Preparation and Implementation of Master Plan.
  • Preparpation of Guide Lines for colonaisation and their implementation.
  • Environmental Development by way of Roadside plantation and by developing Eco-friendly Schemes.
  • Development of Rural Area around City.
  • Development of Transport Facilities like Transport Nagars, and Major Sector Roads
Contact Information
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Ph - 91 734 2511048
Fax-91 734 2511047
Email: email-udaujjain@dataone.in