Ujjain Development Authority is a top ranking Construction and Development Agency of Madhya Pradesh which came into existence in 1977 as a successor to the erstwhile Town Improvement Trust, to work towards the housing solutions of the city. Its an autonomous body entrusted with catalyship the growth and development of Ujjain and is capable to manage its activities with its own resources.

Besides normal housing projects UDA has diversified its activities to planning, designing, construction and development of almost all types of urban development projects. We are comitted to the high ideals of public service and welfare. We have planned and executed various projects for the development of health, education, sports and environment.

With budgetary turnover of 555.00 millions and networth 1157 millions for the year 2003-04, UDA has a very strong finance base. We can handle projects of any magnitude on turnkey basis.
UDA is a professionally managed organization with specialists working in different fields viz. Architecture, Town Planning, Construction Technology, Infrastructure Design, Execution and Maintenance, Estate and Financial Management etc. Senior professionals and administrators head different wings of the organisation.

UDA is highly quality conscious having its own quality control manual.
There are specific rules and regulations for all activities undertaken by the board. All rules and regulations of the board are made public through Gazette notifications.
Another sector, which requires special attention, is the lower middle class. For these people UDA has so far constructed about 5700 dwelling units and plans to construct/develop another 4000 dwelling units during this financial year.


  • To promote and secure better planning and development of any area of the city
  • Preparation and implementation of Regional Plans
  • Master Plans
  • New Township Plans and Improvement Schemes
  • Promotion of Urban Development
  • Promote companies, associations and other bodies for urban development schemes.
  • To provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low- and moderate-income residents


To promote and secure development of Ujjain with the power to acquire] sell and dispose off property, both movable and immovable.
To acquire, develop and dispose land for residential, industrial and commercial purpose.